Perfection essay

An ambiguous term, used in the light of a variety of concepts. From mathematicians assigning it to numbers that held uncommon properties, to biologists considering it as something that achieves its purpose, like a perfect vision. Delving deeper into it undoubtedly let’s you stumble upon its paradox. If something is perfect, how could it improve? How can something truly be perfect if there is no chance of progress?

Our answer is balance. By making sure progress is linear with time, TREFECTA guarantees perfection. A vehicle that is complete. Of such a quality, that nothing of its kind is better. A vehicle that fully attains its purpose.

For both the Trefecta team, as well as the rider, perfection lies in the journey it entails. On the one hand our engineers and designers are always on the search for perfection. In the requirements and specs that they use to build, and in the shapes and materials they use to create. On the other hand, the Trefecta rider longs for it in the usage of the vehicle. A journey where he finds perfection in the sensational performance the Trefecta offers. One in which everything is ahead of him. And where all constraints can be tackled. On both sides decisions are determined by longing for unsurpassed excellence. Both unsatisfied and hungry until that rare balance is achieved.

And so at Trefecta we refuse to consider perfection as something unattainable looming in the horizon. It is a mentality that serves as the driving force in our everyday operations. Striving and longing for perfection is the only way we deliver an e-vehicle that fulfils the requirements we deem it to demand.