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  • DRT Off-road Unlimited


    DRT Off-road Unlimited

    The DRT Off-road is the untamed beast. The absence of any compromise ensures this e-bike transcends all that has come before it. Questions of purpose seem irrelevant after experiencing the performance of the off-road. Every inch optimized to perfection. Every piece of material the best of its sort. Make sure to check out the specification list underneath. Some say it reads like an engineer’s Christmas list.

  • DRT Speed Pedelec


    DRT Speed Pedelec

    The DRT Speed Pedelec captures everything Trefecta has to offer and takes it to the road. With slight specification adjustments due to regulation boundaries, this is the street legal version of the DRT. The result is a performance that feels out of this world when riding through town.

  • URB Speed Pedelec


    URB Speed Pedelec

    The URB Speed Pedelec is the identical twin of the LIE. A slight adjustment in its performance capabilities releases the rider from a helmet obligation. Optimal connectivity through a smartphone dock and wireless communication gives you complete control. The result is an emotional impact that makes commuting to work the highlight of the day.

  • URB L1E


    URB L1E

    The URB LIE gives a whole new meaning to the phenomenon ‘city bike’. It swops car capsulation and traffic jams for the ultimate sense of freedom. Its single fork and ingenuous design offers the most sophisticated way of being green. A head-turner ready to redefine mobility.

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