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Capacity / hybrid

The 4KW (Peak) Hybrid Synchronized Powertrain 2-14 drivetrain creates the heart of the bike. A Rohloff Speedhub is skilfully combined with a patented Smesh gearbox. Hydraulically controlled and automatically shifting, it lets the eMotor perform excellently. It also allows for optimum gear selection for the rider independently of the eMotor, thereby getting the most from human power too. This is what makes Trefecta the true hybrid.

Regenerative braking

The performance of Trefecta is enhanced by an innovative proportional regenerative brake system that tops up the battery whilst riding. This extends the range significantly.


The frame is designed to the highest standards, without compromising on style. Machined from injection moulded aerospace grade aluminium, it sets the weight for the bike at 37 kg. This gives the bike the strength to match the expected demands.


The making and braking of any electric vehicle is its range. Trefecta encases the highly advanced Li-ion battery technology providing a range of over 100 km over mixed terrain. This feat makes it unsurpassed across the field. For longer rides, an easy interchangeable battery pack makes sure the range of the vehicle can be extended to match.

Suspension fork

An adaptive twin upside down oval suspension fork with a maximum travel of 180 mm allows Trefecta to handle the roughest landscapes. The suspension can be adapted to the needs of the rider by an adjustable fork of which the stiffness settings can be electronically altered.


Trefecta wheels are exceptionally strong and lightweight due to their advanced design and carbon fibre construction. The interchangeable front and rear wheels feature quick release mechanisms, allowing for easy repair and storage. The off-road downhill tyres are robust and give the highest level of grip on any surface. This keeps the rider in complete control.

Handlebar controls

Having complete control is key to really maximise Trefecta’s potential. A custom designed digital management control system handles the vast number of on-board sensors that send data to the rider. Fly-by-wire handlebar controls offer instant adjustments to the throttle, suspension stiffness, gear selection and various other trip functions.

Handlebar display

From the data that is collected from the on-board sensors, the most essential riding data is displayed on the handlebar display. These include speed, distance, range, mode, gear, battery life indicators and suspension settings.

Smartphone dock

A stylishly incorporated smartphone dock fitted within the exoskeleton frame creates a streamlined integrated waterproof finish. The Trefecta iOS app enables you to adjust the bike to your demanded requirements. Some of its functions include wheelie mode, adjustable torque power to rear wheel, bike ride and trip data, battery data and Trefecta information.


The wheelie mode allows you to select the maximum angle you wish the front wheel to rise giving the rider flip-over protection. If Trefecta does not have all the heads turned already, this will definitely do the trick.


To adhere to the various possible fleet opportunities, the Trefecta bike includes a smart foldability feature. Whether the user is a soldier on a military mission or an owner of a private yacht, the foldability always allows for easy storage and efficient transportation.

Flight case

The stylish and custom designed Trefecta travel case further facilitates storage and transportation purposes. It is designed to fit the body as well as the wheels and possible additional features such as helmet, extra battery pack or charger.


It’s the interplay and coherence between all these elements that make Trefecta such an extraordinary e-bike. It takes riding it to acknowledge the fact that the whole is truly greater than its parts. Scroll down to find the different models that are currently in our collection.

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